One Piece Theory: How Luffy will take down Fish-man Island and Mary Geoise

I was looking back on the Fish-man Island arc and came up with an interesting theory.

It’s been a theory in the community for a while that by the end of the series, the Red Line will be destroyed and I buy it. Personally, I believe that it will either be destroyed at Reverse Mountain or Mary Geoise. For me, Mary Geoise is the far more interesting and far more likely theory.

By the end of the series, Luffy is going to be responsible for taking out all three of the powers in the Grand Line. He has already played a massive role in taking down the seven warlords system, by the end of Wano, he is going to have played a pivotal role in taking down Big Mom and will have taken down Kaido himself, he is almost definitely going to take down Black Beard, and Shanks is up in the air.

That means the only thing left is the marine headquarters. For this, we can turn to Luffy’s many escapades. He was essential in the destruction of Enies Lobby, he caused the first major break out of Impel Down, and was present for the near destruction of Marineford in the War of the Best. What better way to complete this quartet than to destroy the home of the head of the Marines, Mary Geoise.

I think that after finding Laugh Tale and discovering the truth about the void century. Luffy is going to be so enraged that he will destroy Mary Geoise. Whether it’s through a Red Roc barrage or with conquerors haki, Luffy is going to destroy Mary Geoise and with it, that portion of the Red Line.

Now, this is where Fish-man Island comes into play. It has been stated that Mary Geoise is located directly above Fish-man Island so Luffy destroying that portion of the Red Line is bound to take down Fish-man Island with it.

What this means is three things:

  • Luffy will fulfill Madame Sharley’s prediction about destroying the Fish-man Island. While she saw it as a bad thing, in this context it means that Luffy will bring freedom to the fish-men and merfolk meaning…
  • Luffy will carry out the will of Joy Boy. If Luffy successfully destroys Fish-man Island, he can then give the fish-men a direct line to the surface no longer blocked by Mary Geoise both literally and figuratively. In doing this, he will not only fulfill the dream of Otohime but also carry on the will of Joy Boy.
  • Luffy finally brings down the Celestial Dragons. Dragon and Sabo’s dream is to take down the Celestial Dragon system and if Luffy can do that, it will be bringing together three separate members of his huge family. Dragon and Sabo may even lead Luffy to do this destruction judging by how the Reverie ended.

In the end, this is a series about inherited will and fulfilling fate. In one fell swoop, Luffy could carry on the will of Joy Boy, Otohime, Dragon, and Sabo and fulfill his destiny of destroying Fish-man Island in a way that opens the world. Now not restricted only to the world government and marines with their advanced technology, but to anyone. Luffy will be the one to unite the world and bring peace through destruction.

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