One Piece Theory: Onigashima’s Real Name

One thing is quite clear about Onigashima, it is the skull of an Ancient Giant. But which Ancient Giant? The only other ones we know by name are, Oars and Oars Jr. Oars is said to be ‘The Continent Puller’, a legendary figure who supposedly was so colossal in size that he could easily move entire islands. Moria explains that he found the corpse of this legendary creature, in a ‘frozen country.’

Based on other connections, such as the fact that we know that Moria got Ryuma’s corpse from Wano, it’s likely that Moria also found Oars’ corpse in Wano. Most likely, the frozen country of Ringo. The region was ruled by the Shimotsuki.

If Oars was the Continent Puller, then it would make sense if his corpse were to be found in Wano. Many have suspected for a long time, that Wano is an artificial formation of islands.

The location of Wano is a natural fortress, almost impossible to enter or escape without very specific knowledge of the surrounding hazards. It’s almost as if it’s been placed there to keep it safe. This would connect with the fact that the borders of Wano have been closed for centuries.

But, if that’s the case, where did Wano come from? I believe, that Wano, or rather, the Flower Capital is the missing eye of Jaya!

The main thing that led me to this suspicion was the idea that I’ve just talked about. Through investigating this possibility, I found this quote from Skypiea. The Poneglyph says, “We are the recorders of history, existing in harmony with the sound of the Great Bell.”

The recorders of history are now known to be the Kozuki clan and it is known that the Great Bell remains in Skypiea. The name ‘Wano Kuni’, or ‘Wa no kuni’, literally translates to, ‘The country of Harmony.” “We are the recorders of history, existing in Harmony with the sound of the Great Bell.”

With this revelation, that quote then seems to imply that Wano & Shandora were once neighbors. This would explain why Wano was once known as ‘The Country of Gold’.

Another interesting connection is that both Skypiea and Wano Country, celebrate bonfire festivals and in both arcs, we get a reference to the Sun God. This makes it incredibly likely in my mind that Wano and Shandora were once connected.

But how does this help us identify the real name of Onigashima? For that, we have to look at another interesting and very easily overlooked detail. When Oars Jr. appeared in Marineford. His banner reads Oars III. Oars 3.

If Oars Jr is Oars the 3rd, then that would mean that the Oars that Moria had, was Oars 2nd. If this is the case, then the answer to the real name of Onigashima is right underneath our noses. Onigashima’s real name is Oars I.

Oars ‘The Continent Puller’ was responsible for the formation of Wano, forming it beginning with moving the Flower Capital from Jaya, separating it from Shandora. Why? Well, it might connect to the Battle of Shandora. A fight to protect the city of Shandora and its Poneglyph.

Interestingly, when you take a look back at the map of Skypiea, Oda decided to depict an Ancient Giant roaming around.

This would even connect to the idea of the meeting of the Two Sovereign, as foretold by the Seakings. Poseidon was first mentioned by the Poneglyph in Shandora. The people of Shandora fought to protect the secret of Poseidon! Perhaps even, this was the location of the original meeting.

This would mean, Oars moved Wano from Jaya in order to prevent it from suffering the same fate as Shandora. This is likely why Wano’s borders have been closed. The Oars that Moria found, was Oars II. The real Oars was none other than Onigashima! This is why Wano is special.

This may also explain how and why Kaido knows about the prophecy of Joyboy. If Kaido is a descendant of Oars, or from a related clan, he would have heard the story of Oars moving Wano from Jaya during the Battle of Shandora and of Oars’ hope that Joyboy will return.

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