One Piece Theory: Sun God Nika, Luffy, and Joy Boy’s Relation

Eiichiro Oda has introduced another mysterious character in One Piece Chapter 1018. During the fight between Who’s Who and Jinbei, the Tobiroppo asked Jibei if he knows the legendary Sun God Nika. Unfortunately, Jinbei didn’t answer the question, leaving another unanswered mystery in the world of One Piece.

Who is Sun God? Is Joy Boy the Sun God Nika? What does it have to do with Luffy?

Luffy’s Silhouette Similarty in Skypiea

Many One Piece manga enthusiasts confuse the silhouette of the Sun God Nika in One Piece 1018 with Luffy’s silhouette during the Skypiea arc, specifically in One Piece Chapters 253 and Chapter 300.

Naturally, Luffy’s posture in both chapters is nearly identical to Nika’s. As you may be aware, Luffy is rarely depicted in the form of a silhouette. Surprisingly, Luffy’s silhouette plays a significant role in the Skypiea arc. You’ll recall that at the end of the battle with Enel, a massive Luffy silhouette appeared in front of the Mont Blanc Cricket, accompanied by the sound of blaring bells.

Is it possible that Oda purposefully matched the silhouettes of Luffy and the Sun God Nika?

Camp Scene in Chapter 253 is One of Eiichiro Oda’s Favorite Scene

Eiichiro Oda mentioned his three favorite scenes from the One Piece manga in one of his interviews. Oda’s favorite scene is the camp scene in Chapter 253, which features a silhouette of Luffy! This was also the scene that Oda wanted to draw the most throughout the Skypiea arc, so it was obvious that Oda paid more attention to this part.

Given this, you could argue that the resemblance of the Sun God Nika’s silhouette to Luffy’s silhouette above is not a coincidence!

Sun God Nika’s Relation to Skypiea

One of the most intriguing aspects of the Sun God Nika is that the clothes he wears are similar to those worn by the Shandia people of Jaya Island. Despite this, Nika does not appear to have wings. This Nika is not a Shandia citizen, as it should be. Perhaps Nika only has a limited relationship with the Shandia.

If you recall, the term “God of the Sun” was mentioned by a girl who was about to be sacrificed by the Shandia due to a deadly disease on Jaya Island in One Piece Chapter 287. Then there’s the sun symbol on the Wagomuland Skypiea gate, which was built after Luffy died, and the others. The strange thing is that the tip of the spear carried by the Sun God Nika is similar to the tip of the Mont Blanc family’s head!

Was the Skypiea arc truly designed to disseminate information about the Sun God Nika?

This “sun” has also appeared on various sides of the One Piece world, in addition to Skypiea. For example, Madam Carmel mentioned in chapter 867 that the “Sun God” played a role in preventing the chaos that Linlin caused when they lived in Elbaf.

Furthermore, if you look at the Kozuki Clan logo, you will notice an image similar to the image of the sun on the belly of the crane. The sun-shaped symbol was also used by the Kingdom of Alabasta to represent their kingdom.

Not only that but the tattoo on King Neptune’s shoulder is also shaped like the sun, though the pattern differs from the Sun Pirates’ symbol. Of course, there could be other sun symbols scattered throughout the world of One Piece that we haven’t mentioned!

Is this all a coincidence?

Joy Boy is Sun God Nika

According to the Who’s-Who story, the Sun God Nika is a warrior figure who smiles and frees troubled slaves. In English, this “smile” is synonymous with happiness, or “Joy.” So, does this Sun God Nika have any resemblance to Joy Boy?

Furthermore, according to Joy Boy legend, he has an appointment with the former Poseidon. As a result, this Joy Boy has ties to the Fish-Man nation, which is also said to have a dark history of slavery. Not to mention the Mermaids’ and Fish-dreams Man’s of living under the sun, the title “Sun God Nika” seems natural for Joy Boy, who has an appointment with them.

So this Sun God Nika could tell the story of Joy Boy, who promised to raise Fish-Man Island so he could live peacefully in the sun!

Luffy’s Relation to Sun God Nika

Several times in the manga, Luffy is associated with the sun. In Wano and Dressrosa, for example, the clothes he wears to disguise himself contain elements of the sun. Not to mention that Luffy’s current ship, the Thousand Sunny, clearly contains the element of sun. Furthermore, the silhouette of Luffy mentioned previously appears to be an indication that this Luffy is closely related to Sun God Nika.

Will this Luffy be the “Sun God Nika,” rescuing people from slavery? It’s not impossible that Luffy will become both Joy Boy and Nika at the same time, especially if this Sun God Nika is one of the nicknames that Joy Boy has carried in the past. As one of the leading candidates for the next Joy Boy, it’s not impossible that Luffy will become both Joy Boy and Nika at the same time!

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