One Piece Theory: The Final Act of Wano

Now that Wano is approaching its finale, everyone is beginning to wonder how it will end. Is Kaido finished? What will Big Mom do? Will the World Government invade or retreat to prepare for higher-scale actions? Will there be 5 acts? This theory will aim to address all of this.

Let’s begin by discussing what I believe will happen next, the events leading to the finale of the arc. First, let’s talk about Kaido. Personally, I believe that we’re approaching a scene in which he accepts defeat. Kaido said during the flashback in 1049 that Joyboy would be the one who can defeat him & I believe that he will now acknowledge Luffy as Joyboy. Some would argue this is anti-climatic, but let me put it to you this way.

Kaido’s monologue here will essentially be parallel to Whitebeard’s speech at the end of Marineford. Where Whitebeard told Blackbeard that he is ‘not the one Roger is waiting for.’ Kaido will tell Luffy that he is the one. This perhaps will transition us to Kaido’s death scene.

Kaido has always wanted to die in a glorious way like Whitebeard & Roger, and he likely now considers his battle with Luffy to be a worthy moment. This leads us to an idea I had a little while ago about how Kaido may be defeated.

I believe that the volcano will erupt and Kaido will be consumed by the lava. The result of this will be that Kaido is turned into a sea stone statue. Kaido dies standing up, just like Whitebeard.

What about Big Mom? She is much less likely to accept defeat and her crew are still on the bench. It seems most likely that she will regroup with them & attempt a comeback. Now it’s not just Luffy she wants vengeance against, it’s Kid and Law as well.

However, this is likely when the events of the cover story will come into the picture. It seems highly likely that just as Big Mom is about to launch her counterattack with her crew, they will receive a distress signal from Whole Cake Island. Blackbeard has invaded!

This will most likely be the reason that Big Mom decides to retreat and the way that her plotline can come back again in Elbaf for its conclusion. Now, what about the World Government invasion?

n the last chapter, we saw the last surviving member of CP0 escaping. It is most likely that they will immediately report the mission failure to the fleet waiting outside & this will be communicated directly to the Gorosei. This is where things begin to get crazy.

It has been repeatedly re-emphasized by the Goroseis that the fall of two Yonko at once will be a major problem. With the 7 Warlords only recently abolished, the Balance of Power has become increasingly unstable since it shifted at Marineford.

If two Yonko were to fall as well, the status quo will fall apart entirely. There will no longer be any credibility to the idea of there being 4 Emperors of the Sea. The balance of power will collapse and that is the worst case scenario that the Goroseis fear.

The threat of chaos caused by the status quo collapsing is likely what will cause Imu to trigger the next Great Cleansing. That alone would be enough to trigger this event, and then on top of that, there is the resurgence of Joyboy.

The Gorosei also repeatedly re-emphasized that it was paramount that the awakening of the Nika fruit should be prevented, but even they did not fully understand why. ‘Even we aren’t privy to all the details.’ This is something that only Imu knows the truth about.

This leads us to how I believe the arc will end and that is that it will end on a cliffhanger at the end of the 4th act. Kaido is defeated, Big Mom has retreated, and the World Government is also retreating. Orochi is dead. The raid has succeeded! The borders of Wano can now be opened!

It is likely with this that the Wano arc will end but that will not be the end of Wano’s involvement in the story. As the borders are opened, simultaneously the next Great Cleansing will be declared. This will lead us into a flashback to the end of Wano. The True History of Wano.

This flashback will tell us of the previous Great Cleansing, the fall of the Golden City of Shandora. If you remember back to Skypiea, in chapter 272. Robin learned that Shandora’s history had been entirely erased and the city destroyed for attempting to protect the Poneglyphs.

It was also here that Robin learned what we can now understand to be the history of the connection between Wano and Shandora. “We are the recorders of history, existing in harmony with the sound of the Great Bell.” Wano was once Shandora’s neighbor. The left missing eye of Jaya!

This also leads us into the plotline that will bring us back to Wano for Act 5 during the end game. The main Ponegylph that the Shandorians were protecting, was the one that reveals the location of Poseidon. This connects us to the plotline of ‘The Meeting of Two Sovereigns.’

I believe it is through this that we will learn that Jaya was the location of the previous failed meeting and the site of Joyboy’s final defeat. This was why Wano was moved from Jaya, by Oars I. Now known as, Onigashima. It’s the reason Wano’s borders need to be opened.

In the endgame of One Piece, Fishman Island is due to be destroyed and its people brought to the surface. This will likely happen during the fall of Mariejois, as Fishman Island is directly below it. This will lead us into the foretold meeting and Wano is to be the location.

The Fishmen also want to open their borders ‘when the promised time comes’ and it is said that this is when Noah’s Arc will fulfill its purpose. Poseidon is going to come to Wano.

So to conclude. Wano arc will have 5 acts but the arc itself will actually end on act 4 and we will come back in the endgame for act 5. The final act of Wano will be the culmination of Joyboy’s promise. The meeting of the Two Sovereign. ‘Surely, all will go well this time.’

All this may lead to another climactic event that has been foretold. It was said by Shirely during Roger’s flashback that there was a particular event that must occur but could only happen after the mermaid princess was born. This was called ‘The Day of Disaster.’

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