One Piece Theory: Usopp’s Destiny

Many may know already that Usopp’s character is a combination of two inspirations. Aesop, the Greek Fabulist and Pinocchio, the enchanted boy puppet whose nose grows when he lies. Usopp is characterized as someone who tells tall tales, fantastical stories and often obvious lies. In his introduction, we get a reference to the story of The Boy who Cried Wolf, immediately establishing Usopp’s connection with lies and fairy tales.

The most interesting thing about this is that Usopp’s lies actually always come true, there have already been multiple instances of this happening. With such strong supporting evidence that previous lies have come true, it makes some of Usopp’s more recent lies very interesting. In recent chapters, Usopp claimed that he had Conqueror’s Haki and that he took out two of the Tobbi Roppo.

This is not the first time that Usopp has claimed to have Conqueror’s Haki, having claimed the same thing back in Green Bit. It was at Green Bit where Usopp told his most interesting supposed lie. That he was a descendant of Montblanc Noland.

Noland’s influence in the world outside of the events of Shandora is often understated. Many do not realize that Noland had traveled the New World many times. We know that he is also worshipped as a hero by the Tontatto. It’s likely that he had an impact on other places.

This ties us into the subject of Usopp’s destiny, the most apparent part of which, is that he will be heavily influential in the arc of Elbaf. It’s highly possible that Noland was also known to and respected by the giants 400 years ago. Mountbeard and Fallbeard may have met him.

Usopp’s dream is to become recognized as a ‘Brave Warrior of the Seas’, and to be proud and honorable like the giants of Elbaf. Usopp’s overall goal is to overcome his cowardice. Interestingly, Usopp’s cowardice is actually very self-imposed. Effectively, it is another one of his lies. This even links to the concept of him telling lies that later become true. Usopp’s self-doubt acts as what is called a ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’.

In actuality, Usopp has never truly been a coward. He has shown time and time again, that when it really counts, he is undeniably brave, proud, and honorable.

Usopp’s destiny is almost certainly tied to Elbaf, many believe that he will defeat Loki, the once Prince but likely current King of Elbaf. This would be a reference to David vs Goliath. A legend in which David defeated the giant Goliath with a slingshot.

It may well be in Elbaf that Usopp learns that he is indeed a descendant of Montblanc Noland. The true significance of this, however, might be more than meets the eye. Many will know already, that I believe Noland to be an inheritor of Joyboy’s will. Without going too deep into a different theory, the basic idea behind this theory is that there have been at least 7 inheritors of Joyboy’s will through the centuries. A pattern exists among these characters. Promises were made and failed to be kept.

The idea is that characters such as Kozuki, Nika, Bink and Noland, share the common theme of inheriting Joyboy’s will and failing to keep their own promises as he did. If this is the case, Noland and Nika would share similar wills. Freeing people from oppression.

Following this train of thought, when we apply this logic to Usopp, it’s worth remembering that Usopp has already had multiple instances of freeing people from oppression and has become a figure with statues memorializing him across the world.

The first reference to ‘The Sun God’, appeared in the Noland flashback and it comes up again in Elbaf, a place Noland is also likely to have visited. Through his feats in Dressrosa, Usopp has already earned the nickname ‘God Usopp’

If this is the case, and Usopp is indeed not only a descendant of Noland but also subsequently, an inheritor of Joyboy and Nika’s wills, it makes more sense why Oda decided to have Usopp be the one to go to Kinemon.

Perhaps also, some abstract evidence to support this can be found in Giolla’s art from Dressrosa. The art is supposed to represent the tragedy of Dressosa but many suspect it also abstractly retells the fall of the Ancient Kingdom. Look at the back of the ship.

If Usopp is indeed the inheritor of Nika’s will, then that would tie in well with him liberating the people of Elbaf from their oppression under Loki. This would certainly lead to him being acknowledged as a ‘Brave Warrior of the Seas’.

If this is true, then we might expect to get a reveal of Usopp’s connection very soon. If all this is true and Nika’s will ties directly to be an inheritance of Joyboy’s will. It might just be that Usopp is the Joyboy that has been foretold.

Granted, this is quite a reach at this point and none of this inheritance of wills may be true for Usopp. There is an interesting alternate possibility in Usopp going to Kinemon. That it will bring the Toad Oil plot thread back and tie it into the ‘All Purpose Medicine’ plotline

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