One Piece Theory: Why is Gomu Gomu no Mi so Important to the Government

One Piece Chapter 1017 just finally revealed that Luffy’s Gomu Gomu no Mi was stolen by the Red Hair Pirates that is being guarded by Who’s Who during its transport. During that time, Who’s Who is still part of the CP9 but because of this incident, he was kicked out of the organization.

This is the first time that One Piece revealed about the government asking the secret organization to guard a devil fruit. But why did the government asked CP9 to guard the Gomu Gomu no Mi in the first place? What makes Luffy’s devil fruit so special?

Here, we will be sharing some theories and ideas why Gomu Gomu no Mi is important to the government.

Tremendous Awakening Potential

As you may be aware, the Devil Fruits that have been shown to have awakened thus far are capable of transferring their power to the surrounding environment.

Katakuri and Doflamingo were the only confirmed Paramecia Awakening users until now. Both of them alter their surroundings based on their respective strengths, namely mochi, and thread.

Then consider whether Luffy’s power has progressed to Awakening. Luffy’s inventiveness will make his Devil Fruit even more lethal if he can turn his surroundings into rubber as well!

For example, if he turned the Thousand Sunny into rubber, it would be impervious to various types of attacks. This includes lightning strikes. Unfortunately, we don’t know how Luffy’s Awakening works right now. But is the World Government aware of Gomu Gomu no Mi’s awakening?

Immune to Various Kinds of Attacks

As previously stated, Luffy appears to be immune to various types of attacks, particularly lightning strikes. This can be seen when Luffy fights Enel; Luffy does not appear to be affected by Enel’s lightning attack, so Enel must use another attack to combat Luffy.

Aside from lightning, Luffy is immune to bullets and cannon fire. Other than sharp objects, attacks will only be reflected by Luffy’s body. But can Gomu Gomu be so well-liked solely because of this?

If Used Creatively, it Can be Very Powerful

One of the things that make the Gomu Gomu Devil Fruit so terrifying is, of course, Luffy’s inventive use of it. Luffy has used a wide variety of Gomu Gomu moves since he was first introduced to us until now.

Luffy even used his rubber power to create various Gear techniques, which he used as his primary weapon in battle! Is this, however, the only reason the Devil Fruit is being targeted by the government?

A Devil Fruit Related to the Past

It’s not impossible; the World Government witnessed how this Devil Fruit was creatively used by someone in the past until the Awakening stage.

Perhaps the World Government first saw how terrible the fruit was before judging the Gomu Gomu fruit to be extremely valuable. As a result, Who’s-Who was tasked with bringing the Gomu Gomu fruit they discovered to be handed over and guarded by the World Government.

The question is, who is that individual? Some believe that this fruit is Roger’s or Rocks’ Devil Fruit, but this is a remote possibility given that neither Roger nor Rocks’ former crew ever mentioned Luffy’s Devil Fruit resemblance to anyone.

Did this person live in a different era? Is it possible that the previous Gomu Gomu Devil Fruit user before Luffy was the Ancient Kingdom’s Joy Boy?

Part of the Government’s Scheme

This could be what makes the Gomu Gomu no Mi fruit so desirable; this fruit is vital to the World Government. If it’s not important, it’s strange that the Devil Fruit is guarded by a CP-9, one of the World Government’s most powerful assassin groups.

With the current clues, it’s difficult to guess what the World Government’s plans for the Gomu Gomu fruit are. Does it have anything to do with the secrets of the past?

Fruit that the World Noble Wanted

This one may disappoint some fans, but it will most likely be one of the best. It’s not impossible that the Tenryuubito purchased the Gomu Gomu fruit to give to one of their slaves as a form of entertainment, and, like Devil Fruits in general, they paid a high price for it.

Unfortunately, the Who’s-Who in charge of delivering the Devil Fruit to the Tenryuubito was attacked by Shanks’ group instead, so he had to pay the price for disappointing the Tenryuubito!

It could be that the explanation is that simple, especially if you look at Shanks, who doesn’t seem to think this fruit is special, and judging from the care of Shanks’ own crew, who are too careless.

Im Wants the Gomu Gomu no MI

Or it could be that I am the world’s ruler and I need the Gomu Gomu fruit for some reason. This could explain why only one CP-9 member appears to be guarding Gomu Gomu; the mission could be classified!

Aside from that, if Im is really after Gomu Gomu fruit for some reason, it’s possible that this is what caused Luffy’s wanted poster to appear at Im’s when he first appeared.

Why do you think I’m interested in the Gomu Gomu fruit?

Gomu Gomu no Mi is Connected with the Ancient Kingdom or Pluton

Because Im appears to know about the world’s secrets, it’s possible that this Gomu Gomu no Mi has some connection to the Void Age. Previously, we saw a massive straw hat in front of Im, indicating that Luffy’s Straw Hat played an important role in the Void Century.

So, does the Gomu Gomu fruit play an important role in the Ancient Kingdom as well? Or perhaps the fruit Gomu Gomu itself is an ancient weapon? Is it possible that Gomu Gomu users before Luffy were Joy Boys in the past, as mentioned in the previous point?

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