One Piece Unveils Yamato’s Divine Wolf Form

As the flying island of Onigashima gets close to the Flower Capital of Wano Country, One Piece manga series surprises fans with lots of exciting events. One of these surprises is Yamato’s full beast transformation.

Following Yamato’s hybrid form reveal, Yonko Kaido’s daughter showcased her devil fruit’s power by transforming into the full version of a divine wolf. As we all know, Yamato is an Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Okuchi no Makami, a mythical Zoan devil fruit in the series.

While Momonosuke is still figuring out how to use his Dragon power, Yamato decides to leave him and do something useful to minimize the explosion in case the flying island hits the mainland. As a result, Yamato transformed into his divine wolf form and rushed back to the Skull dome.

Yamato’s divine wolf form was seen running towards the Skull Dome. Some of the members of the Heart Pirates, including Jean Bart, spotted Yamato’s full divine wolf form.

Yamato’s beast form transformation.

Kaido considers Yamato’s devil fruit as valuable. During the confrontation between Kaido and Yamato, the Yonko said that the wolf was Wano’s Guardian Deity. The devil fruit’s hybrid form also debuted in the One Piece manga when Yamato faced her father after Luffy fell from Onigashima.

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  1. Jason says:

    Yamato identifies as a man! It’s canon in the manga. If his crewmates and friends can refer to him as such, so can we.

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