Tokyo Revengers Chapter 223: Will Draken Die in Takemichi’s Arms?

While fans are expecting to see good progress for Draken, it seems that the manga has another plan for the former vice-president of Tokyo, Manji Gang. The cliffhanger of the past few chapters surely shocked everyone. With the release of the previous chapter, it seems that things are getting worse for Draken. As we are getting close to getting Tokyo Revengers Chapter 223, let’s breakdown the events that happened in the previous chapter.

Previously in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 222

The recently released manga chapter titled “Give Back” sees Draken lying on the ground while the rain is pouring down. Due to the loss of blood, Draken can no longer hear a thing or move his hands. His consciousness returned when Takemichi told him that he had already called an ambulance, while Senju went out to ask for help.

Draken told Takemichi that he’s dying. Takemichi was crying and told Draken that everything would be okay. Takemichi was told by Draken to not blame himself for what happened, as he did it of his own will and said that he was just returning the favor for saving his life in the past.

As the chapter gets close to its final spread, Draken reveals that he truly admires how Mikey endures everything. The last thing we saw was Draken asking Takemichi to take care of Mikey, to which Takemichi agrees.

Draken’s life status is still uncertain and we will have to wait for the story to progress in the next issue of Tokyo Revengers. Will Draken be able to escape death once again?

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 223 Release Date

Tokyo Revengers has been regularly releasing new chapters every week. Since there is no news of any delays, it is safe to assume that the manga will be released as per schedule. That being said, expect to read Tokyo Revengers Chapter 223 on September 21, 2021. Visit Kodansha’s official website for more details.

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