Tokyo Revengers Chapter 231: Mikey Joins the Gang War

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 231 titled “Blood Chilling” was officially released on November 16, 2021. The manga highlights the fight between South Terano and Senju Kawaragi, Takemichi Hanagaki’s new vision, and Mikey joining the fight.

Kakucho vs. Mikey

Kakucho attacks Mikey.

After confronting Mikey, Kakucho started attacking the leader of the Kantou Manji Gang. Kakucho was able to punch Mikey several times, but Mikey didn’t do anything. Kakucho asked Mikey what was wrong and why was he even there if he wasn’t participating in the gang war? Before Kakuchi hears words from Mikey, he feels that he’s only punching a ghost as Mikey is not reacting at all.

Mikey is shrouded by the darkness inside.

Mikey then looked at his hands and mentioned Draken’s name while saying that he was empty inside and shrouded in darkness. Kakucho was shocked by Mikey’s reaction and also started feeling the darkness that Mikey was about to unleash.

South Terano Outpowered Senju

South shares his excitement as he fights Senju.

Following the cliffhanger from Chapter 230, South Terano stands up and shares his excitement about facing Senju Kawaraki. According to South, it was his first time having great feelings as something new was born. South Terano attacked Senju, but the Brahman leader evaded it. At the same time, Senju countered attacked the leader of Rokuhara Tandai, but South also unleashed his attack, resulting in Senju being thrown away.

Takemichi Envisions South Terano’s Future

South asked Takemichi to move out of his way.

Takemichi witnessed how Senju was pushed away behind his back by the enemy. As South tried to approach Senju once again, he found himself in front of Takemichi. South grabbed Takemichi’s shoulders and told him to move out of the way. Just right after South grabs his shoulder, Takemichi gets another vision of the future, just like the one he saw about Senju’s death. This time, Takemichi envisions South Terano lifeless while lying on the ground. Takemichi was shocked to see a monster like South Terano will die.

Mikey to Finally Join the Fight

Mikey faces South Terano.

As South Terano approached Senju, who was still lying on the ground, Kakucho suddenly flew away in his direction. Kakucho was beaten and South was shocked to see one of Rokuhara Tandai’s strongest being defeated. South looked where Kakucho came from, and he saw the leader of the Kantou Manji Gang in front of him.

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