Tokyo Revengers Cliffhanger Hints Draken’s Death

Ken Ryuguji, also known as Draken, took the spotlight in the latest chapter of Tokyo Revengers. As seen in the cliffhanger of Chapter 221, Draken has been shot by a member of Rokuhara Tandai and his life is still undecided.

Draken is considered as one of the strongest delinquents in Tokyo Revengers. Draken was the former vice-president of Tokyo Manji Gang and is now an official member of Brahman Gang led by Senju Kawaragi.

Draken heard the news about people planning to attack Takemichi and they were heading to the amusement park where Senju and Takemichi were dating. Before Draken arrived, the first shot was fired by the enemies. Fortunately, they missed hitting Takemichi.

The enemy was frustrated that he missed and prepared to shoot Takemichi again. However, when the enemy fired his second attack, Draken stepped in and protected Takemichi. With Draken’s arrival, the members of Rokuhara Tandai quickly run to escape.

Everything seems fine as Draken keeps his stance. During this moment, Takemichi revealed his vision of Senju’s death. Both of them are happy that they managed to change one future.

With the noise caused by the gunfire, Senju asked Takemichi and Draken to leave the area. However, Draken falls to the ground and it was revealed that he’s the one who received the bullets fired by the enemies.

This isn’t the first time for Draken to be put in a life and death situation. During the early part of the Tokyo Revengers series, Draken was stabbed by Kiyomasa. With the release of the new manga chapter, Draken’s life is now being tested once again after he protected Takemichi from the enemies.

Will this be the end for Draken? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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