Tokyo Revengers Confirms Rokuhara Tandai Leader’s Death

The fight between the three deities has finally been concluded, with Kantou Manji Gang as the winner. While the clash between the three gangs has already been ended, the cost of the fight was the death of South Terano, leader of the Rokuhara Tandai gang.

Killings and deaths are not brand new things in Tokyo Revengers. Previously, we have seen the former member of the Tokyo Manji Gang killed during the assassination attempt made by the members of the Rokuhara Tandai. Many thought that Draken’s death would lead to Mikey siding with Brahman, but it wasn’t the case as the Kantou Manji Gang was still able to hold their feet on the ground.

Draken is one of Mikey’s closest friends. The news about his death spread like wildfire, and it also reached Mikey. Draken’s reason for joining Brahman was to help Mikey, and with the help of Takemichi and the other members of the group, Draken was hoping to see Mikey back. However, he wasn’t able to see Mikey going back to his old self.

In Chapter 233 of the Tokyo Revengers manga, the matchup between Mikey and South Terano continues. Takemichi tried to stop Mikey as his vision reveals that South Terano will die, but instead of listening to his old friend, Mikey broke Takemichi’s arm and continued to approach South.

Mikey punching South Terano.

Shortly, we got to see Mikey asking South Terano how he wanted to die. The leader of Rokuhara Tandai was already in bad shape upon receiving all the attacks from Mikey. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to hear South Terano’s reply to Mikey’s question. The manga depicts Mikey throwing his lethal punch on South’s face like a punching bag.

Apart from Takemichi, no one from the gang tried to stop Mikey. The last thing that we see is Mikey standing up in front of the unconscious South Terano. Takemichi also rushed towards South, where he learned that Mikey had already killed South Terano.

Takemichi confirms South Terano’s death.

Everyone who witnessed Mikey’s brutality was shocked. Koko, on the other hand, asked everyone to clear the area as it was clear that they had already won the battle of the three deities.

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