Tokyo Revengers Hints South Terano’s Death

Following the first vision of Senju’s death, Takemichi Hanagaki just envisions another character’s death in Tokyo Revengers. This time, it’s the leader of the Rokuhara Tandai, South Terano. Just like what he saw during his first vision, Hanagaki sees South Terano’s death.

But will it ever happen? In the previous vision, Senju’s death was stopped when Draken arrived. While he saved Senju Kawaragi from being killed, it cost the life of Draken. Many think that Draken’s death will lead to Mikey taking revenge, but at the start of the gang war, Mikey didn’t make a move until Chapter 231.

In the said chapter, South Terano fights Senju. The leader of Brahman shows her agility and power, but South was still able to withstand all of her attacks, resulting in her being thrown behind Hanagaki. Knowing that Senju is giving South a good fight, Rokuhara Tandai’s leader was all pumped up.

Senju was still lying on the ground when South started approaching her. As South approached Senju, South grabbed Hanagaki’s arms and told him to move out of his way. Instead of feeling afraid to see South in front of him, Hanagaki sees a bad vision of Terano instead.

Similar to Senju, Takemichi Hanagaki envisions the death of the leader of Rokuhara Tandai. Takemichi was unable to determine who killed South Terano, but the scene appears to have occurred during the gang war.

Takemichi was shocked and couldn’t believe that a monster like South would be killed. At the same time, a beat-up Kakucho appeared in front of South Terano. The next thing Takemichi sees is Mikey standing in front of the leader of Rokuhara Tandai, suggesting that Mikey will now join the fight.

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