Tokyo Revengers Debuts the Leader of Brahman Gang

Tokyo Revengers manga series sees the first full appearance of Senju Kawaragi, the leader of the Brahman gang.

Senju Kawaragi is one of the newest characters that has been introduced in the final arc of the Tokyo Revengers manga series. Her first cameo happened in Chapter 207 of the manga series. He then appeared in Chapter 208, but we didn’t get to see his full appearance until today.

The latest chapter of Tokyo Revengers, titled “Battle of the Titans”, finally reveals the full appearance of the leader of the Brahman gang. Just like how Terano South’s debut, Senju Kawaragi surprised fans with his unexpected appearance in the series.

As Takemichi and Draken are being cornered by the Rokuhara Tandai, the members of the Brahman have also started arriving. The first one who arrived at the scene was Takeomi Akashi, the former first-generation vice president of the Black Dragons.

The manga also reveals why the Brahman was in the area. As the tension continued, Takemichi was surprised as an unknown individual just jumped up and attacked the leader of Rokuhara Tandai. It turns out that it was Senju Kawaragi, the president of Brahman.

Tokyo Revengers
Senju Kawaragi

Who is Senju Kawaragi?

In the previous chapters of the Tokyo Revengers manga, it has been revealed that Senju Kawaragi is one of the three deities who stopped the chaos during Tokyo’s Sengoku Period.

According to Kazushi Yamagishi, Senju Kawaragi is at the same level as Mikey, the president of the Kanto Manji Gang and the former leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang. Senju and the Brahman gang are the ones occupying the Shinjuku Ward.

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