Tokyo Revengers Reveals How Black Dragon Gang Was Formed

Black Dragon gang was considered as the strongest gang during its prime. It is known that the gang has been founded by Shinichiro Sano, Mikey’s brother, which is not surprising why Mikey decides to follow the same step as his Sinchiro. While we already know how Mikey formed the Tokyo Manji Gang, it is unknown how Shinichiro Sano formed the Black Dragon gang. Fortunately, the latest chapter of the Tokyo Revengers manga revealed some of the few details about the founding of the Black Dragon gang.

In Chapter 226 titled “Dynamic Duo”, we got to see the start of the brawl between the three deities. Rokuhara Tandai and Brahman gang already started to brawl, while Kantou Manji Gang led by Mikey, still hasn’t made any moves.

As the brawl between Rokuhara Tandai and Brahman was getting more intense and bloody, the former members of Black Dragon, Takeomi Akashi, Keizo Arashi, and Wakasa Imaushi, took down around 100 members of the Rokuhara Tandai. South Terano was hyped to see how the former members of Black Dragon easily handled their men and mentioned the greatest duo ever, referring to Keizo and Wakasa.

From that moment, Senju shared the background of the former members of Black Dragon and now the executives of Brahman. According to the Brahman leader, before joining the Black Dragon gang, Keizo and Wakasa were the former gang leaders of the west and east parts of Kantou. Senju told Takemichi that Kantou used to be divided into two parts, the east, and the west.

On the west part of Kantou, a gang named Ragnarok with 600 members was being led by Arashi Keizo, also known as Red Cliff. And to rival, the threat of Ragnarok, the 12 gangs on the eastern part of Kantou merged together to form Koudou Rengou, who is being led by Imaushi Wakasa, also known as White Leopard.

During the feud between these two powerful gangs, one man stepped in. This was Shinichiro Sano, who managed to combine the two gangs together and formed a new gang named Black Dragon. In addition to how Black Dragon was formed, Senju also revealed that  Keizo and Wakasa are Japan’s toughest brawlers.

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