Tokyo Revengers Reveals How Takemichi Survives Mikey’s Wrath

Since the start of the clash between the three deities, every chapter of the Tokyo Revengers manga series has been a hot topic. Not only in the Tokyo Revengers community, but it also reached out on social media platforms such as Twitter. Recently, the manga features the death of South Terano, as well as how Mikey brutally attacked Takemichi. The cliffhanger of Chapter 233 seems to bother fans with Takemichi’s situation, but thankfully, the following chapter reveals how Takemichi was able to survive Mikey.

So, how is Takemichi Hanagaki still alive despite being beaten by Mikey? Knowing that South Terano can’t do anything against Mikey, how did Takemichi manage to live? In Tokyo Revengers Chapter 234, the manga explains what happened after Takemichi lost consciousness.

Takemichi wakes up and finds himself lying on a hospital bed. The first person he saw was Kokonoi Hajime, one of the known members of the Kantou Manji Gang. According to Kokonoi, Takemichi was unconscious for three days. Takemichi barely remembers what happened while he was being attacked by Mikey, so he asked Kokonoi what happened and how he was still alive.

This time, Kokonoi revealed that Senju Kawaragi saved him. Similar to what Takemichi did when he tried to stop Mikey from attacking South Terano and Takeomi Akashi, the leader of Brahman stepped forward in front of Mikey.

Senju Kawaragi saved Takemichi from Mikey.

Kokonoi noted that Senju was already in bad shape, but she was still able to persuade Mikey to spare Takemichi’s life. However, in order to save Takemichi, Senju Kawaragi has to make a big decision during the confrontation with Mikey.

As revealed by the member of the Kantou Manji Gang, Senju Kawaragi bowed his head in front of Mikey and begged to end the conflict. At the same time, Senju told Mikey that she would be disbanding Brahman.

Senju Kawaragi bowed down to Mikey.

Unfortunately, the chapter did not reveal more details about what happened next. But what has been confirmed is that the Brahman Gang is no longer active, while the Kantou Manji Gang took over Rokuhara Tandai and became the nation’s top gang.

This article is also available in Spanish. Follow this link to read it in Spanish.

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