Tokyo Revengers: Senju Invites Takemichi Out on a Date

Takemichi was deeply in love with Hinata Tachibana, but the latest chapter of Tokyo Revengers seems to change the future as the leader of Brahaman Gang, Senju Kawaragi invites Takemichi out on a date.

After introducing Takemichi as an official member of Braham and announcing the date of the Battle of Three Deities, Senju went at Takemichi’s house and asked him on a date. For the record, this is not the first time for Senju and Takemichi to go out together.

Previously, Takemichi accompanied Senju on her shopping spree. Senju’s goal was to have someone help her but it seems that the leader of Brahman sees something at Takemichi.

Now that the war of three deities is approaching, it’s likely that Senju wants to spend more time and try to know more about Takemichi. Back in the previous chapter, Tokyo Revengers manga suggests that Takemichi was able to see the future.

One of Takemichi’s vision was Senju’s death and the promise that they made with each other. Assuming that Takemichi will go with Senju on a date, it’s likely that the manga series will now reveal the promise that Senju talked about.

Will Takemichi accept Senju’s invitation? Let’s find out in the next chapter of Tokyo Revengers manga.

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