Black Clover Debuts a New Character Who Might Be Yami’s Brother

Yuki Tabata’s Black Clover Chapter 337 is now live and many fans have finally got the answer to Asta’s whereabouts. As seen in the manga chapter, it has been confirmed that Asta is alive and is now healing his wounds. While this is good news for everyone, the spotlight of the chapter goes to a new character that resembles Yami Sukehiro.

Asta found himself in an unknown location after disappearing from the Clover Kingdom during the fight against Lucius Zogratis. The manga sees Asta recovering from the wounds that he got during the battle. However, what shocked him was the fact that someone he didn’t know helped him during this critical moment.

Asta met a man who had a physique similar to the captain of the Black Bull Squad. Asta asked the man who he was and learned that he knew Yami during his childhood. The unknown man also detailed to Asta how he got the wound and the things that happened during the battle. He also revealed that his eyes can see everything he wants to see while adding that Asta will lose once he returns to the Clover Kingdom in his current state.

Black Clover Ryuudou Ryuuya

As Asta got more confused, he asked the man again who he really was. This time, the man replied and revealed that his name was Ryuudou Ryuuya. Ryuudou also revealed that he is the current shogun of the nation, Land of the Sun, where Asta is staying.

Black Clover Ryuudou Ryuuya

Unfortunately, Chapter 337 did not reveal more details about Shogun Ryuudou Ryuuya. However, it’s likely that Black Clover fans will be able to learn more about him as soon as Black Clover Chapter 338 is officially released.

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