My Hero Academia Chapter 330: Shigaraki vs Star and Stripes

Star and Stripes’ debut brings a lot of hype for Kohei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia series. But what makes things more interesting is the plot that the author has prepared for the number 1 pro hero of the United States of America. Following the release of the previous chapter, manga fans are now curious about the reason why Shigaraki intercepts Star and Stripes. Will the main antagonist of the series be fighting Star and Stripes? Let’s find out!

My Hero Academia Chapter 330 Release Date

Unlike the previous chapters of Boku no Hero Academia, the upcoming chapter will be released on its regular schedule. My Hero Academia usually gets a new manga chapter every week. As of the moment, there is no announcement of any delay or schedule changes for the release of the new chapter. This only means that manga fans should expect to read My Hero Academia Chapter 330 on October 17, 2021.

My Hero Academia is part of the Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine by Shueisha. If you’re planning to read the printout copy of the chapter, you should grab a copy of the next issue of the magazine. Else, you can read the manga online for free by simply visiting the official distributors such as Manga Plus and Viz Media.

My Hero Academia Chapter 330 Discussions

As seen in the last spread of the previous Boku no Hero Academia chapter, the main villain of the series, Shigaraki Tomura, appeared in front of Star and Stripes. Shigaraki was seen standing on the back of a flying Nomu, while Star and Stripes was standing on a stealth aircraft. While the villain’s reason for his appearance in front of the United States of America’s number one pro hero is yet to be confirmed, many fans are expecting to see these two fight each other.

As previously stated by All for One as he speaks with Spinner, having Star and Stripes intervene in their cause will surely cause some problems. All for One also stated that if he managed to steal her Quirk, all of his plans should move forward without any problem.

My Hero Academia Chapter 329 Recap

My Hero Academia Chapter 329 starts with All for One surrounded by three Nomus. All for One shared and talked about his plans and future goals with Spinner. At this moment, Spinner also learned that OFA is not the final thing for All for One’s plans. As they continue their conversation, the manga reveals the underground connection of All for One with foreign organized crime groups. In addition, All for One also shared his interest to Star and Stripes’ quirk. Shortly, we got to see All for One entrusting Spinner to help Shigaraki during battle.

The manga shifts back to Hawks and Best Jeanist inside the car. While the two pro heroes are talking about Star and Stripes’ entering Japan’s airspace, they unexpectedly received a call from Endeavor. The number one pro hero of Japan informed Hawks that he received a word that there’s something else in the airspace around 50 kilometers away from the planned landing spot of Star and Stripes.

As the chapter gets close to its final spread, we finally get to see the return of Shigaraki, standing on the back of a flying Nomu. With the sudden appearance of someone she didn’t know, Star and Stripes seemed cautious and directly asked if Shigaraki was the villain they called AFO. Instead of answering the question, Shigaraki answered Star and Stripes if who he really was.

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