My Hero Academia Explains How Star and Stripe Nerfed Shigaraki

The conclusion of the fight between America’s number one hero, Star and Stripe, and Shigaraki is finally here. In the latest chapter of Boku no Hero Academia, manga fans were shocked to see how Star and Stripe bid farewell after facing Shigaraki. However, Star and Stripe’s death seems not to go to waste as she did something unexpected that may have nerfed Shigaraki’s power.

Star and Stripe make her debut in the My Hero Academia series in Chapter 328. Her debut is as extravagant as herself, as she already faced the main protagonist of the series. Star and Stripe revealed her quirk called “New Order,” where she can manipulate and set a new rule on almost anything.

Star and Stripe was about to aid Japan in fighting the villains. But just before she entered the space of Japan, Shigaraki already appeared in front of her. Of course, being a hero, Star and Stripe didn’t hesitate to fight Shigaraki.

The United States of America’s number one hero demonstrates her power, but unfortunately, Shigaraki was able to survive all of them. Even with the newly developed hypersonic intercontinental cruise missiles, Shigaraki managed to survive.

Following the huge eruption due to the missiles, Shigaraki resurfaced and immediately reached the hero. The hero’s comrades tried to stop Shigaraki, but the villain was able to pass through and reach Star and Stripes. Shigaraki was excited to steal the quirk that the hero possessed, and as soon as she grabbed Star and Stripe’s face, he immediately stole her power.

Shigaraki stole Star and Stripe’s quirk.

Shigaraki managed to successfully steal Star and Stripe’s quirk. Knowing that he had already acquired one of the most powerful quirks in the world, Shigaraki immediately tested it out. Shigaraki was about to set a new rule, but his body suddenly broke.

It turns out that Star and Stripe was able to set a new rule before her quirk was stolen. Star and Stripe imposed that the New Order quirk would revolt against the other quirks.

Shigaraki’s body started to break after acquiring Star and Stripe’s New Order.

The villain also knows that all the quirks inside his body are rebelling against each other, and he knows that it’s not a good situation for him. Shigaraki knows that the quirks need to be either taken or given away in order to fix the rule that has been set. With this, Shigaraki decides to give the quirks that he has to the pilots.

New Order revolt with other quirks.

While the villain already had a plan in place to deal with the new order imposed by Star and Stripes, he was unable to provide the quirks because his reflect was failing. At the same time, the remaining comrades of Star and Stripes attacked Shigaraki once again, as they already knew that the enemy was already weakened.

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