My Hero Academia Reveals How Star and Stripes Met All Might

The debut of Star and Stripes surely hyped up the Boku no Hero Academia fans. Apart from Izuku Midoriya, the latest chapter of My Hero Academia confirms how the number 1 pro hero of the United States of America adores All Might. But why and how did Star and Stipes meet All Might?

The fight between Shigaraki and Star and Stripes has finally begun. The manga also revealed Star and Stripes’ quirk, which is undoubtedly powerful. During the fight against the villain, Star and Stripes revealed how she was inspired by All Might, the former number 1 pro hero in Japan.

According to Star and Stripes, she was saved by a Japanese exchange student from the runaway villain who attacked their car near Santa Monica Pier. While she already accepts her fate, someone appeared in front of him to stop the villain.

Toshinori Yagi saves the young Star and Stripes.

Star and Stripes immediately noticed the two long strands of hair that had been engraved into her soul, resulting in her making All Might her master. Star and Stripes vow to contribute with even greater force towards the maintenance of world peace. The United States of America’s number 1 pro hero also revealed that she styled her hair just like All Might. But instead of two long strands, she makes it 8 long strands.

All Might’s presence surely brings life-changing moments to everyone. All Might, as stated by the Star and Stripes, is a symbol of peace wherever she goes.

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