One Piece Chapter 1031: Sanji Destroys His Raid Suit Canister

One Piece Chapter 1031, titled “Soldier of Science“, was officially released on November 7, 2021. The chapter is now available on Viz and Manga Plus.

At the start of the chapter, we see the other members of the Beast Pirates doubting Big Mom’s survival after being crushed by the steel beams. With the previous attack, Law and Kid are almost out of breath. Law asked Kid about how long the effect of Kid’s awakened devil fruit, but Kid refused to answer. Shortly, the steel beams flew and Big Mom appeared.

Big Mom steals her allies’ souls.

Big Mom asked the allies around to choose between oshiruko or life but knowing that they no longer have the food, Big Mom was able to steal their souls. The Yonko used their souls to give life to some of the steel metal beams around. Later, Big Mom used her devil fruit power to sacrifice one year of her own lifespan to boost her power. After eating her own soul, Big Mom got bigger and told Trafalgar Law and Eustass Kid that it’s been a decade since she felt pain.

Big Mom grows even bigger after eating her own soul.

The Yonko also acknowledged that they aren’t bad and challenged them to bring them everything that they’ve got while she shows the true power of an emperor. While Big Mom just leveled up her power, Law and Kid seem unfazed as they are even more willing to fight whatever it cost.

Yamato attacks X-Drake.

Back at the Iwato Chamber, Apoo and Drake started fighting when Yamato suddenly appeared. Knowing that Yamato is against Kaido, Scratchmen Apoo tried to fool Kaido’s daughter after being declined by Drake. Yamato attacked Drake as she thought that he was still an opponent, but Drake told her that he was also no longer affiliated with Kaido. Upon hearing this, Yamato continued, but one of the Numbers, Fuga, started chasing her. Meanwhile, Apoo asked Zagi and Ibi to follow him, but Drake is not going to let him go away.

CP0 appeared to hunt Robin.

On the second floor, the mink warriors asked Brook to run and protect Robin. It turns out that they are facing the members of CP0. As they are escaping, Robin reveals that the masked agents of CP0 are a class of their own, suggesting that they are stronger than the other elites of CP0.

Sanji returns to face Queen.

At the Pleasure Hall, Sanji found himself being driven away by the women. It turns out that he was being accused of hurting the girl. It seems that Sanji can’t remember anything after he started running away from Queen. Sanji returns to the battlefield and confronts Queen.

One Piece
Sanji destroys his Raid Suit.

Before engaging with Queen, Sanji brought out his Raid Suit and destroyed it using his feet. After destroying his Raid Suit, Sanji bids farewell to Germa and women’s baths. Sanji also grabbed his Den Den Mushi and called Zoro. Sanji asked Zoro to take him down in case he’s no longer his old self, to which Zoro agreed.

Sanji using “Hell Memories” to attack Queen.

After speaking with Zoro, Sanji vanished in front of Queen. Queen is curious about how Sanji disappeared and thinks that it was the result of Judge’s experiment. Shortly, Sanji appeared and attacked Queen with his new attack called “Hell memories”.

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