One Piece Shows How Sanji Destroys His Raid Suit

Everyone was hyped to see Sanji getting a power-up with the help of Germa 66’s Raid Suit. However, it seems that this power-up is just temporary as the latest One Piece manga sees how Sanji destroys his Raid Suit.

The series is still in the midst of the Wano Country Arc. While everyone is fighting the Big Mom and Kaido’s crew, Vinsmoke Sanji is currently facing two fights at the same time. Currently, Sanji is facing Queen, who is also a modified product of science.

During their fight, One Piece fans witnessed how Queen showcased his strength and powers. At the same time, Queen also revealed his Cyborg Hybrid form, which features both of his Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit and scientific modifications.

Queen reveals his Cyborg Hybrid Form.

Being a product of science, Queen knew that Sanji was Judge’s son, resulting in him nagging Sanji to show him his Raid Suit. However, Sanji declined and told Queen that he would not be using it.

As their fight continues, Sanji experiences something unusual going on in his body, hinting at Sanji’s enhancement awakening. While Sanji was figuring out what was happening in his body, Queen attacked Sanji with his sword. Unexpectedly, Queen’s attack failed. Instead of ending Sanji’s life, Queen’s sword shattered.

With the unusual experiences, Sanji thinks that he will be turning into a cold-hearted being like his siblings. Sanji decides to flee and leave Queen. Sanji runs when he suddenly regains his memory while holding a wounded woman on his arm. The other women in the area accused Sanji of harming the wounded woman and driving him away.

Sanji himself knows that he could never hurt a woman, but he can’t remember anything while running away from Queen. Fearing turning into a heartless soldier, Sanji brought out his Raid Suit. Queen saw the Raid Suit and was thrilled to see the science of Germa 66 on his opponent. However, it was not the case as Sanji decided to destroy his Raid Suit. Without any hesitation, Sanji destroyed the Raid Suit using his feet.

One Piece
Sanji destroys his Raid Suit.

Queen was shocked and dismayed to see Sanji destroying the technology of Germa 66. Shortly, Sanji called Zoro and asked the swordsman to put him down if he was no longer the usual Sanji. Zoro agreed to Sanji’s request and asked him not to die, as he was looking forward to taking him down.

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