One Piece Cross Guild Members, Goals, and Other Details

The Wano Country Arc is undoubtedly one of the greatest arcs in the entire series of the One Piece series. Apart from the defeat of Kaido and Big Mom and the rise of the two new emperors, the series also introduced another faction that will surely play a big role in the upcoming war.

We’re talking about Cross Guild, the alliance between Yonko Buggy, Crocodile, and Mihawk. But why was Cross Guild created in the first place? Here, we will discuss everything that we know about Cross Guild.

What is Cross Guild?

While great things have happened during Luffy’s invasion of the Wano Country, there are also lots of things that have happened in the outside world. In the previous chapters, it has been revealed that the World Government has disbanded the Shichibukai system, resulting in the former Shichibukai being targeted by the marines. With all the mess that just happened, it seems that a new thing has arisen.

In One Piece Chapter 1056, it is revealed that Buggy the Clown was able to handle the attack of the marines. But that’s not all of it. Buggy also became one of the new Yonko. If you think that’s great, Buggy has been hinted to be the founder of the new organization called Cross Guild. The Cross Guild has been formed by three pirate leaders.

Who are the Known Members of Cross Guild?

Buggy the Clown, Crocodile, and Mihawk were the only confirmed Cross Guild members at the time. These three names aren’t just ordinary names, as they are known in the world of piracy in the One Piece series.

Crocodile is a former Shichibukai who helped Luffy during his escape from the Empel Down. Mihawk is currently known as the greatest swordsman alive. Furthermore, Buggy is a former member of the Roger Pirates, and his clout in the pirate world is legendary. With these three pirates joining forces, it seems that they are plotting something against the World Government.

In One Piece Chapter 1058, the manga series revealed that the navy thought that Buggy was the leader of the organization due to him being at the center of the Cross Guild poster. The chapter also revealed that Cross Guild was supposed to be under the name of Crocodile and Mihawk. This error results in Buggy getting a new bounty and becoming one of the new emperors.

What are the Goals of Cross Guild?

The main goal of the Cross Guild hasn’t been revealed yet, but we know that they are the ones responsible for putting bounties on the marines. In the same chapter, Eustass Kid believes that they are the ones issuing bounties on the marines. This is the first time this kind of plot has happened in the One Piece series. Now that there are some bounties on the marines, even a civilian can turn their back against the marines.

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