One Piece Theory: What Was Zunisha’s Crime?

Ever since chapter 821, we have learned that Zunisha once committed a crime and has since been charged to walk the earth for eternity as punishment. For a long time, we have wondered what this crime could have been. In the most recent chapter, we learned that Zunisha was in fact Joyboy’s nakama in the past, as a few people had predicted. This gives us context to what the crime could have been.

For a while now, I have theorized that the events currently unfolding connect to, ‘the promised time’, which was mentioned in Oden’s flashback. This is the prophecy that one day soon the borders of Fishman Island & Wano will be opened, Joyboy will arrive & the two sovereigns meet.

When we go back to Joyboy’s apology that Robin found in Fishman Island, it becomes apparent that Joyboy failed to keep his promise to Poseidon of taking the Fishmen to the surface. The previous meeting of the two sovereigns failed, but why?

Perhaps this was Zunisha’s crime. It caused the failure of the previous meeting of the two sovereign. This failure in turn caused the loss of a major battle and the defeat of Joyboy.

But when and where could this have happened?

Many of you will already know that I believe that Wano’s Flower Capital is the missing eye of Jaya. Not to get too far into that theory, but this perhaps provides the explanation for a few things. First of all, the destruction of Shandora and Zunisha crimes were both 800 years ago.

Shandora was destroyed for protecting the Poneglyphs, most notably, the one with the information on Poseidon’s location. The books of Shandora were all burned and its history lost.

This would connect to why the Poneglyphs were made by the Kozuki, to prevent the message from being destroyed or burned like books can be.

That would explain why the Shandorians protected the Poneglyphs with their lives.

The destruction of Shandora would provide an explanation for why Wano was moved from Jaya and why its borders have since been closed. To protect it from suffering the same fate as Shandora.

Many will know already, but if you haven’t read it yet, check out this theory about the real name of the Onigashima island.

Zunisha’s crime was potentially being responsible for causing the previous meeting of the two sovereigns to fail, consequently also causing the destruction of Shandora and necessitating the separating of Wano from Jaya to protect it. This ensured that the meeting can try again.

Zunisha isn’t just coming to Wano, it’s returning in order to redeem itself. To ensure that the meeting of the two sovereigns succeeds this time.

To conclude, let’s address the interesting question. Who is it that gave Zunisha this punishment? If this is the correct context then it would have been Joyboy, however, that doesn’t sit right. Joyboy’s whole thing is supposed to be about freeing people. It seems contradictory.

Perhaps then it was someone else who punished Zunisha, either for failing to help Joyboy or for attempting to help Joyboy. There are two very conflicting possibilities.

  • The first is that it was Imu who punished Zunisha and it was not for failing to help Joyboy but for attempting to do so in the first place. Perhaps this is the reason why Zunisha has the same eyes as, Imu.
  • The other possibility is that it was Nika who gave Zunisha this punishment for failing to help Joyboy and causing this failure of the meeting.

Depending on who it was who gave Zunisha the punishment the implications change quite dramatically. However, I think that no matter which way that goes, Zunisha’s crime remains the same.

This crime was the reason that the previous meeting of the two sovereigns failed. I almost forgot to mention this part. What exactly could Zunisha’s crime have been? How could it have caused the meeting to fail and the subsequent fall of Shandora and the moving of Wano?

Perhaps there is a clue to the crime that Zunisha committed in that story but perhaps also there’s a clue right under our noses. This may connect to why Joyboy was not able to fulfill his promise. The next thing we see Zunisha do is to destroy a ship. Did Zunisha destroy Noah?

That is if the crime was failing to help Joyboy. If the case is that the punishment comes from Imu, then attempting to help Joyboy is explanation enough. In that case, Zunisha was simply punished for being Joyboy’s associate in this conspiracy of the two sovereigns.

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