Tokyo Revengers Chapter 245 Spoilers, Recap, and Release Date

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 245 will surely be one of the most interesting chapters since the return of Takemichi. While the manga has already been confirmed for its final arc, author Ken Wakui seems to have no plans to put the fire down. The previous chapter of the manga titled “The Showdown Battle” features the first confrontation between the Tokyo Manji Gang and Kantou Manji Gang.

Their confrontation already hyped the Tokyo Revengers fandom, but the cliffhanger is what’s more exciting to watch. So in this new manga guide, we’ll tell you all the details that we know about the upcoming Chapter 245 of the manga series.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 245 Release Date

With the hype that has been going around since the release of the previous chapter, you may have been wondering if the manga will be put on hiatus. Fortunately, there seems to be no delay in the release of Chapter 245. That being said, expect to read Tokyo Revengers Chapter 245 on March 8, 2022, Tuesday. Kodansha has already shared the details on where you can legally read the manga online. You can check this link for more details.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 245 Spoilers

Unlike the One Piece manga, it’s hard to find a reliable source for the spoilers of Tokyo Revengers. Sometimes, the spoilers for the next chapter are released on Reddit. Sometimes, Twitter users share them. While it’s a bit confusing where to find the Tokyo Revengers Chapter 245 spoilers, worry not as we will be updating this post once we find any details. In the meantime, feel free to read the recap of Chapter 244 below.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 244 Recap

The previously released chapter starts with both gangs gathering in an old cargo bay. Both leaders, Takemichi Hanagaki of Toman 2nd Generation and Manjiro Sano of Kanto Manji Gang, were standing before their gang. Chifuyu Matsuno, the Vice-President of Toman 2nd Generation, noticed the difference in their numbers. Takemichi told Chifuyu that he would be handling up to 10 opponents and would be dealing with Mocchi later. While Hakkai is planning to crash Ran Haitani for crushing Taka-chan’s head,

Takemichi asked Senju what the former Brahman members, Wakasa Imaushi and Keizo Arashi, were doing on the other side. With Senju’s response, it seems that she doesn’t have any idea what happened. The other members of Toman’s 2nd generation also noticed familiar faces, including Handa.

The scene shifts to the side of the Kanto Manji Gang. Mikey told his gang that there was no need for two “Toman” to govern the world of the delinquents. Sanzu, the Vice-President of Kanto Manji Gang, belittles the second generation of Tokyo Manji Gang. The other gang members laughed at what Sanzu said. As a response to what Sanzu said, Takemichi said that he got it wrong. Takemichi added that Tona isn’t supposed to be like what they are doing right now. This leads to Takemichi shouting that they will defeat the Kanto Manji Gang and succeed in the Tokyo Manji name. The leader of the second generation of Toman also vows to defeat Mikey.

To end the chapter, the manga features both groups starting to jump into each other for the final battle.

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