Tokyo Revengers Reveals Senju Kawaragi’s True Identity

As Takemichi Hanagaki’s mission continues, Tokyo Revengers surprise fans with another unexpected true identity reveal of Brahman’s leader. Following the cliffhanger from Chapter 215 of Tokyo Revengers, the manga finally confirms Senju Kawaragi’s real gender and identity.

Who is Senju Kawaragi?

Senju Kawagari is the current leader of the Brahman Gang, a delinquent gang formed after the disbandment of the Tokyo Manji Gang. Tokyo Revengers manga makes a full face reveal in Chapter 212 and, as the story continues, Senju’s real identity has been slowly revealed.

After Hanagaki joins Brahman, Takemichi becomes Senju’s gofer. Takemichi’s first mission was to meet Senju at Harajuku. On their first meeting, Takemichi sees Senju wearing a female high school uniform. It turns out that Senju Kawaragi was a girl, leaving Takemichi with a shocked face.

Senju Reveals Her Siblings

Apart from the gender reveal, Tokyo Revengers still continue to share more important details about Brahman’s leader. As Takemichi and Senju were having a conversation, Senju revealed that her real name is Senju Akashi, and Takeomi Akashi and Haruchiyo Sanzu are her older brothers.

Currently, Taekomi Akashi is supporting his sister as the leader of Brahman. Despite being the strongest among the siblings, Senju revealed that Sanzu is not interested in her, which is also the reason why his brother is in the Kantou Manji Gang with Mikey.

With the unexpected revelation, Takemichi Hanagaki slowly started to solve the mystery of why Mikey had become involved with the dirty and dangerous world of the Bonten Gang in the future.

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