My Hero Academia Chapter 335: All For One and his Spy Inside the UA High School

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 335 titled “Fledgling” was officially released on November 28, 2021. The new chapter features the aftermath of the fight against Shigaraki, as well as the unexpected teaser for the spy of the villain.

The manga starts with the Class 1-A students speaking with All Might. The former number one pro hero told the students that situation, especially about Shigaraki and the possible plans that the villains would make. The students think that this is the right time for them to launch an attack, but All Might says that their priority right now is the prioritization of the general public’s safety.

At the same time, the former hero also emphasized that it is way harder to predict the actions that All for One may take, especially since his allies have been severely wounded. All Might also recommend not making any hasty moves as they are facing the greatest enemy.

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As they continued, All Might once again ask the students to use the time that they had wisely. Bakugo replied that they have been training for ages. And at the same time, the other students also said that since All Might was always out with Midoriya, he wasn’t able to track their progress during their training.

With all the positive vibes, Izuku Midoriya told All Might that he would be training with Bakugo. Deku’s rival responds that he’s only training with him as he wants to test out his new technique, called Cluster.

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Everyone was all hyped up in the U.A. High School when the scene moved to the villain. In their hideout, Shigaraki was screaming due to the pain that he had received after fighting Star and Stripe.

Despite being able to steal the New Order quirk, he wasn’t able to use it due to the rule that the former user imposed before it got stolen. As a result, the New Order quirk eliminates Shigaraki’s other quirks from his body. Star and Stripe’s quirk also self-destruct so no one can use the power again.

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All for One also appeared and told the enraged Shigaraki that he would be fine. AFO also comments that while they failed to steal the New Order quirk, they have already removed the biggest obstacle in their path.

Dabi was also spotted in the area. He said that he couldn’t stand the sight of his father flying nonchalantly like what happened that day. All for One reached out to him and said that they are very much alike, but there is one crucial difference.

AFO emphasized that he’s a person with one goal firmly in his mind, but he has many plans and routes to get to his goal. These alternative routes are to be used in times of emergencies like what happened earlier. In addition to this, All for One also boasts about his connections while the scene moves back to the U.A. High School, where a silhouette of a female character appears.

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While there is still no confirmation about this, All for One is suggesting that the female character who appeared in the last spread of Chapter 335 was the spy that he sent to infiltrate the hero organization. Judging from the appearance of the silhouette, it’s likely that the traitor among the students is none other than Toru Hagakure. Let’s see in the next chapter if we got it right.

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