Tokyo Revengers Reveals Draken’s New Gang

The return of Takemichi to the past after the time leap triggered by Mikey is getting more interesting. Following the release of Chapter 214 of Tokyo Revengers, Draken revealed that he is now a member of the Brahman Gang led by Senju Kawaragi.

Draken and Takemichi were caught up in the middle of the tension between Rokuhara Tandai and Brahman. Previously, the manga revealed that three of the former and founding members of Black Dragon are members of Brahman. However, manga fans are surprised to see the revelation that Draken told Takemichi.

Chapter 214 features the heating situation between Brahman and Rokuhara Tandai. The leader of Rokuhara Tandai wanted to get the former member of the Tokyo Manji Gang to join his gang, but Draken declined. Takemichi, who is also being scouted by Brahman, bravely shouted that he is also not interested in joining Brahman and Rokuhara Tandai and revealed that he was only there to defeat Kanto Manji Gang’s leader, Sano Manjirou.

South Terano got mad upon hearing Takemichi’s words and confronted Takemichi. But before Takemichi spoke any word, South was attacked by Draken. South Terano got pumped up and mocked Draken to continue what they had started. However, they heard the siren of the police nearby. This results in both gangs leaving the area, as well as Draken and Takemichi.

Just before the Brahman gang left the scene, Akashi apologized to Draken for just standing quietly, which confused Takemichi. As Draken and Takemichi left the area, Draken told his secret to his friend. According to Draken, he is a current member of the Brahman gang led by Senju Kawaragi.

Draken reveals that his a member of Brahman gang.

Currently, the only big names that have appeared as members of the Brahman gang are Senju Kawaragi, Takeomi Akashi, Keizo Arashi, Wakasa Imaushi, and Ken Ryuguji.

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