Tokyo Revengers Teases Senju Kawaragi’s True Strength

Senju Kawaragi is one of the three deities and is currently the leader of Brahman. Previously, Tokyo Revengers manga series revealed Senju’s true identity, which made everyone think about her fighting capabilities. Knowing that Senju was a girl, it’s not surprising to see fans doubting his fighting skills. But things are about to change as Tokyo Revengers Chapter 229 manga teases Senju’s true strength as she faces the leader of Rokuhara Tandai.

Since the start of the manga series, we haven’t seen any chapter of the manga featuring a female gang member until the introduction of Senju. In fact, she’s the only known female character who is part of a gang. While Senju already teased her fighting ability during her debut in Chapter 212 of the Tokyo Revengers manga, we are still yet to see her full fighting skills in the series.

The clash between Rokuhara Tandai and Brahman is getting more intense. After how South Terano handled the two executives of Brahman, Senju finally stepped in to face the leader of the rival gang.

Takeomi was opposing Senju’s action and tried to stop her. However, instead of listening to Takeomi, Brahman’s number 2 and also her brother, Senju rushed towards South Terano. Senju was trying to hit South, but instead of landing an attack, South countered her and was able to punch her. South’s prowess is already known in the delinquent world as he was able to withstand the power of the strongest members of Brahaman gang.

Once again, Takeomi begged Senju to stop and escape, and while he tried to save her sister, South appeared and attacked Senju. Takemichi and everyone around is worried to see Senju getting hurt, but they were surprised of Senju’s unexpected moves.

The overwhelming punch of South Terano was about to hit Senju when the Brahman leader dodged the attack. At the same time, Senju grabbed South’s arm and used it as a platform to counter-attack. Senju kicked South Terano three times, throwing the leader of Rokuhara Tandai to the ground.

Following her attack, Senju called Takeomi and said that she was the boss and leader of Brahman while showing her fearless face. The manga has yet to reveal whether or not South Terano can still stand and fight Senju Kawaragi.

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